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Drive the world's most exciting exotic and muscle cars in Las Vegas.

Find out why World Class Driving is ranked the #1 Fun Thing To Do in Las Vegas on four wheels by TripAdvisor.

#1 Ranked

in Las Vegas

Experience the thrill of driving exotic cars on an unbelievable guided experience. Experience Ferrari, Lamborghini and more.

Exotic car Driving


drive muscle cars las vegas

Drive Muscle Cars!

Let's Go.

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"It's about doing something that for the rest of your life you can say, 'Yeah, I did that.'"

USA Today

"The guys at World Class Driving have assembled an impressive coterie of cars, any one of them enough to get the most blasé auto aficionado worked up....I’ve crossed another item off my bucket list."

WIRED Magazine

"I test-drive cars every week, yet just the like rest of our group, by the end of the day I'm ebullient. There's nothing like looking in the sensuously sculpted side mirror of a Ferrari and seeing two Lamborghinis peeking out behind you."

Jason Harper, Bloomberg

"A lesson in automotive extremes."

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